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Bug Report

Please email me if you feel you need a version upgrade based on a bug report or you have a bug to report.

Current Version is 8.8

Bug Report

Version 8.7.
Up to this version when a member was loaded with a point or moment load that was close to the middle of the span (within 0.01). The issue was minor until multiple spans were being analyzed. This seemed to affect only English Feet.

If this did affect the analysis the loading diagram was obvious not balancing. The overall impact was minor as the loading difference was less than 0.2% of the correct value.

Bug Report

Version 8.5. Up to this version if you had entered a Large vert load on a joint that was fixed in the "Y" direction the shear diagram would show this vert load at the joint as a spike - if it was larger than the joint Y reaction. This has been like this for many years and I think it's due to many not putting a point load on a joint that is fixed in the "Y" direction that was larger than the overall joint reaction as this does not change the calculations at all.

The reactions at the joints calculated for shear, moment and deflection are correct.

Version 8.6 allows for this vertical loading on a fixed joint but removes it from the Shear Diagram.


Version's prior to 6.3
Bug in vertical & moment joint loading.  (vertical and moment loads at a joint - not on the span)

If you had multiple vertical loads at a joint and entered them as such the program would error on it's output.  Typically if you had multiple loads at one joint I believe many would enter a single joint load of the sum of the loads and the program results would be correct.

Example.  You have 3 verticals at joint #1 and they are as follows.

Vertical Load #1  100# @ 0.00
Vertical Load #1  200# @ 0.00
Vertical Load #1  300# @ 0.00

If you entered "3" to the number of vertical loads and put in each of the above loads, the program would calculate it incorrectly. It should be noted that upon inspection of the diagrams you would readily spot the problem. 

If you put in "1" vertical load at the joint with 600# @ 0.00 then the calculations would be correct.



You must uninstall the demo version before you load a purchased version as the purchased executable file will not over write the demo file


When Installing the program you get a message that -
"Setup has run into a conflict with another program. Please Close all applications and select ok to try again."

An example of a conflict would be having a program such as "OPWARE16" which loads with Caere's Omni Page Pro OCR software.

It's best to hit the cntrl-alt-del keys at the same time and view the programs running in the windows task manager. End the task to any programs that could be a conflict. Do Not End task to windows "explorer" or the "Setup" which is the BeamPro install program. Try to end a task one at a time and after each end task hit the "ok" button on the BeamPro installation window to see if the conflict program is removed.

Installation fails
The demo is downloaded and is unzipped and the setup.exe program is run and the following error occurred:

Could not copy steup1.ex_ to windows\setup.exe.


When programs are installed on your system many use the windows\setup.exe location to transfer there setup as my 16bit demo does. Simply delete this windows/setup.exe file and the demo will install correctly.

There is no harm in removing this file from your system.

Program Error after installation.

One report has an issue with the OLE portion of windows. In this rare case we had to email the program in two sections. One part installed files to the windows/system directory and the other to the application directory.

VISTA: You need to have rights to the install directory. I suggest you do not install the program in the program files directory as Vista does not allow the typical user to write to this directory. BeampPro needs to write the directory for it's temp files. You can install to that directory but then need to tell Vista that when BeamPro runs it must be under the administrator rights.